From a young age, Deidre Bevans discovered that she enjoyed helping people which prompted her to join a service organization. Her journey with the Kiwanis family began 1984 when she joined the Keywanettes Club at Queen’s College School. Deidre's Kiwanis experience continued as a member of Circle K.  At the time she completed college, women were still not allowed to join the adult clubs so she frequented two clubs on the capital of The Bahamas - Fort Montague and Nassau AM - until she left the capital of New Providence to work in Andros (one of our Family of Islands).  Deidre re-joined the organization in 2016 becoming a part of the Kiwanis Club of Cable Beach where she has served as Co-Chairperson, Chairperson, Director, President Elect and now President.


Deidre started off her professional life as an educator with two academic degrees in education. Deidre also has a Teacher’s Certificate and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management.  She has taught in New Providence and South Andros (another of our family of Islands) both at primary and secondary levels. Deidre left the classroom in 2006 to work in School Management at The Ministry of Education Headquarters. She currently

serves as the Secretary General (a.i.) for The Bahamas National Commission for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


Deidre has been a part of a number of organizations such as the Business & Professional Women’s Association and Purpose Filled Women. She served as a Brownies Leader and an advisor for Junior Achievement.  In the religious sector, She served in various capacities within the church and was ordained as a minister in 2010.

Engaged as a motivational speaker both locally and internationally, she is most fond of her speaking engagement at the 'Women of Integrity' Conference in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Of all her accomplishments, Deidre is most proud of her four daughters Najwa, Edijah, Lyndrea and Akeila Bevans.

"It is my desire that at the end of this administrative year we would have done more impactful projects in the community, that there would be more cohesiveness among members, that our ‘K’ brand would be more visible in the community, more SLPs would be added to our sponsorship and some of the former members that were outstanding Kiwanians return to our club." - Deidre Bevans